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Travel Guide: Milos, Greece

Travel Guide: Milos, Greece

Milos, Greece

This past September, my brand new husband and I set sail for Greece. (In reality we took a plane and it took a really long time to get there). Other than a study abroad trip in high school, this was the first time Nick and I traveled internationally together. Greece may have been a cliché honeymoon destination, but we justified it by picking a couple off the beaten path cities and towns to explore. Our first stop was Milos, a charming small town with wonderfully friendly locals and cobblestone roads. It was a perfect start to our honeymoon.




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Mandrakia Village

Our first full day on the island was spent aboard an ATV. Before we left the US, we were sure to get an international driver’s license. We thought it’s only use would be for the rental car in Athens. But little did we know that the ATV rental company would require the certification as well. I can’t stress to you enough how FUN it was to drive around this little island on an ATV. Because Milos is so small, we got to see the whole island in one day and got to see a couple hidden treasures only accessible by dirt path. Our first stop was Madrakia Village. A fishing village that is truly picturesque.









A hidden beach right outside of Mandrakia Village.



Our next hotspot we traveled to was Sarakiniko. This beach is said to resemble the moon due to it’s volcanic rock shores shaped by years of ocean waves. This beach is a definite hotspot complete with catamaran tours and plenty of tourists. It was a nice contrast to the solidarity of Mandrakia Village. We were thankful we brought big towels with us to lounge on the moon rocks.




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The last trip we took aboard our beloved ATV was to the highest point on Milos. Plaka is said to have sunsets that rival the world famous Santorini views. While I haven’t been to Santorini to compare, it was the most beautiful sunset scape I have ever experienced. In addition, we had the whole view to ourselves, creating a memory that is sure to stay with me for a long while.








Milos by Sea

Our second day on this quaint island was spent aboard a sailboat with new friends from all over the world. After spending a day exploring the island via land, it was a pleasure to see it by sea. There are numerous sailing companies on the island offering spectacular views and a unique Grecian experience. We spent the day eating authentic food and snorkeling in the Aegean Sea.








While it’s hard to pick a favorite location in a new country, Milos would rank high on our list for Greece. It offers an immense number of activities with locals as wonderful as it’s views. If you’re planning a trip to the Aegean Sea, Milos needs to be added to your itinerary. The island is affordable, absolutely gorgeous, and has a sense of Hoosier Hospitality far from home.